English Bulldog Stud Services

Our Promise to you:

    • We will not split our boys semen meant for your girl with another client.
    • We will never pull one of our boys & sell his semen to you if he is not 100% healthy.
    • Never get left hanging if unforeseen things arise! We always have backup Studs available.
    • We never overbreed our boys. Our Limited Availability Studs are bred to no more than 6 outside girls per year.
    • We will never use inferior shipping boxes, extender, or transport, just to save a few bucks, only the best for our clients!

    Don’t waste your money or your breeding by getting dead or half dead semen and/or bacteria from non-sterile conditions & supplies. We do it right the first time. We use USDA approved semen/genetic shippers and new sterile supplies. We take no chances with your female or your money trying to save a little money by sterilizing our used supplies, or using inferior products.



Jax, “Mr. Handsome,” is a rare blue TRI color sire. Whether he is out on the town with his groupies or hanging out at the pool, Jax is always cool and the center of attention. Jax is an incredibly rare breed of English Bulldog. His color patterns, stature and demeanor are all highly desireable in a pet or a breeder. He is a very loving father of every litter that he sires and is also a certified service dog.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is a rare Chocolate Merle sire. Chocolate Chip is an incredibly rare breed of English Bulldog. His color patterns, stature and demeanor are all highly desirable in a pet or stud. He is a bundle of energy and really enjoys “Tongue out Tuesdays” as you will see in his many social media photos.


Chocolate Sable, Blue and Tri carrier. AKC champion sired. Bacon weighs 50 pounds. Amazing confirmation. Huge head, rope and bone. Proven producer.


Houdini-Lilac Tri Seal. Huge head, rope and bone. Houdini weighs in at 55 pounds. His confirmation is outstanding.


Lilac Tri Merle. AKC champion bloodlines. Gravy weighs in at 46 pounds. His outstanding confirmation has been passed down for several generations. He is proven and his productions are some of the best. Shipping available.


Bit-Chocolate tri seal pied, blue carrier. Amazing stud. Great confirmation. Big head, rope and chest. Bit weighs in at 45 pounds.