Chocolate English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Chocolate English Bulldogs always have a liver colored nose even if the hair color varies. The foot pads, nose, and eyeliner vary between colors of brown such as Hershey or a diluted brown like Chocolate Fawn/Sable.

The chocolate color is a diluted black with eyes that are gray, blue, light gold or green. In order to get a chocolate color, the black base has to be diluted and each parent contributes one of two dilution factor genes. For instance, a non-brown (B) gene or a brown (B) gene.
Genotype for Chocolate Gene: [bb]

Color Combinations


Chocolate and Tan

This color combination features chocolate and tan with little white coloration only on the chest. With a solid chocolate body, the markings are tan.

Chocolate Brindle

With or without white markings, this color combination features chocolate and fawn stripes.


Chocolate Brindle Merle

The Chocolate Merle may or may not have white markings and can come in any design.


Chocolate Fawn

This is a fawn coloration of fur with foot pads, nose and eyeliner being chocolate with a light or dark tone.


Chocolate Ghost Merle

This look has a Fawn/Sable color of fur and the nose, foot pads and eyeliner will be chocolate with light or dark tones.

Chocolate Merle Tri

These are diluted patches in tan, white or chocolate.

Chocolate Merle

This color is a Chocolate Merle and may or may not come with white markings in any design.


Chocolate Platinum

This dog will have zero to less than 10 percent of patches of chocolate on the fur with the rest being all white due to a lack of pigment.


Chocolate Sable

This encompasses fawn-colored hair and will showcase chocolate tips in some cases.

Chocolate Seal

Chocolate white or chocolate in any design.


Chocolate Trindle

This color combination features Trindle, white and chocolate in any pattern.


Chocolate Tri

This color combination features white, tan and chocolate in any combination.


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