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The Merle gene cause dilution to random sections of hair to create a lighter color and leaves patches of the original color. For instance, with a Black English Bulldog, when the Merle gene is added, you still have a black dog except with Merle markings.

Merle affects only Eumelanin, and does not affect Phaeomelanin (red), which will appear normal. So black, liver, blue or lilac in the coat, eyes, or nose will be merled.
Merle (Mm on the M Locus) is a gene that lightens or dilutes various areas of black in the coat, leaving only patches of the base coat color. This pattern can occur in any location and the size of the markings can vary greatly.It cannot be carried since it is a dominant gene and only affects black or modified black such as the Blue Tri/Seal and Chocolate Tri/Seal, in the eyes and nose and any area of the coat. A red (fawn) on the dog will not be affected by the Merle gene.

Genotype for Merle is [mn].


Color Combinations


Black Merle

Sometimes incorrectly known as Blue Merle, the Black Merle showcases grey or blue color in between the patches in the coat. The eyes will be blue or brown and the nose will be black in pigment. If not for the Merle gene, the presentation would be solid black. Being called a Blue Merle is incorrect because that would indicate a [dd] blue pigment when it is black.

In the hierarchy of genes, the Merle Gene overrides the Dominant Black(SEAL) gene, the Seal gene overrides the black and tan gene, so you can have a Black and Tan, Black Seal, Black Merle dog and would mainly see only the merle, but muted.

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